In 2017 we distributed over 67,000 bags of food


If you would like to get involved with our organization by making a difference by donating your time, or resources we would greatly appreciate it. You allow our mission to move forward.

For an individual, group, team building, or community service. Please sign up below.

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If you would like to help please get in touch
If you would like to help
please get in touch


If you would like to donate to CareBag, please click the button below.  Your generosity will help clothe, feed and encourage those that are needy and their families.

Sincere thanks from CareBag.

Last year we got 4 families transitioned into their own place

Sponsor a pet

Through our Pet Paks project, CareBag supplies pet food to the four legged companions to the elderly that no longer can afford to feed them and start to share their own food. This allows them to have the nutrition they need and their pets also.

Carebag distributed over 98,700 of personal items and clothes in 2017 thanks to our sponsors, friends, and volunteers

Corporate Support

All of our work is made possible by our friends and sponsors throughout the local area and nationally.

For more information about becoming a partner please contact us.

Thank you to all our sponsors, friends and CareBag Angels – past, present & future

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