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Our vision is a country where all have access to proper hygiene, where communities see the importance of human rights for all.

CareBag Inc. is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that provides access to proper hygiene through their mobile shower units, mobile hygiene pantry, and their happy bottoms project which covers bottoms ages 0 to 100+ plus with diapers, Depends and wipes while making sure dignity is observed. CareBag Inc. is powered by volunteers of all ages, that also live by the organization’s creed that proper hygiene is essential to those in need for better health and wellness in the community.

Just as we have food insecurities, we have hygiene insecurities. When families cannot afford a gallon of milk or a whole chicken to feed their families, how can they afford diapers, depends or deodorant. It is inconceivable that even with government assistance hygiene items cannot be obtained. How do struggling families, our elderly get the personal items in this age of this unprecedented pandemic where your life does depend upon your hygiene. The health and Wellness of our community is paramount CareBag Inc. serves the Treasure Coast and the West Palm Beach area, we have the best of the best and the worst of the worst. We have over 5000 school age children enrolled as homeless in the areas we serve.

Just since March 2020 our Happy Bottoms Project has distributed over 105,000 diapers, wipes and Depends, over 98,700 toiletries to families struggling and including our homeless packs. Our mobile shower units are in rotation at various sites for our “neighbors without walls” and our mobile hygiene pantry travels to various communities assisting our elderly unable to travel. We have distributed over 58,000 masks in various types to individuals, hospitals, schools, and businesses as we all can do our part. Our mission is to support all, in the health and wellness of our community and country.

Thank you”

Rozanne Brown, Founder/CEO

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Our History

2021 Careology Radio show the “science of caring” debuted January 5th on WPSL live every Tuesday at 6:05pm to 7pm. This national platform allows for Careology a subsidery of CareBag Inc. to share how we impact and what resources we offer along side various outher community leaders.  Caring and supporting our community in a collaberative effort for the health and wellbeing in out community.

2020 CareBag Inc. was fortunate with the generous support of Treasure Coast Hope for the Homeless, The Southern Eagle Foundation and A&G Pools to acquire a second Mobile shower unit for use with in the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches.

August 2020 CareBag Inc. opened up a 1000 square foot office space so the needs of the community can be meet. 6985 Hancock Drive in Port St. Lucie. This is by appointment only due to the pandemic resrictions, this allows social distancing for the wellbeing of our staff and clients.

2020 over 105,000 Diaper and Depends had been distributed during the pandemic.

In November of 2019 CareBag Inc. has the first ever in the State of Florida a Mobile Hygiene Pantry. This allows us to reach those unable to travel. Over 11,000 have been served since February 2020. Thanks to the generocity of 100 Women who Care Palm City.

2019 CareBag Inc. CareBag purchased the 1st mobile shower unit to provide dignity and hope to our neighbors without walls.

During 2018 we have seen a growing number of children that have been caught up in the cycle. Over 1500 in the St. Lucie School district grades K – 12th have registered as homeless. CareBag is front and center assisting to help during their transition.

Throughout 2017 we distributed over 67,000 bags of food items and over 98,700 of personal items and clothes. 4 families got transitioned into their own place.

In 2016 CareBag Inc. distributed over 30,000 ‘Care Bags’ of food and over 40,000 personal items which also included clothing just in the St. Lucie County. None of it could have been possible without the support of our sponsors, friends and CareBag Angels.

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